Land Art Installations

Farley Artist Installations

Using only natural materials from the land or materials that could naturally decompose back into the land, area artists were invited to be inspired, expand creative boundaries, play with mystery, initiate surprise, explore and celebrate our connection to the earth within the Natural Path Sanctuary on the Farley Center grounds.

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2015 Earth Sculpture Project
August 15-October 15, 2015

David Carlson

The Family Next Door

Betsy Delzer & Cynthia Reynolds


Lester Doré

Rainbow Bridge

Thomas Ferrella


Beverly Gordon

Holding Space

Marina Y. Kelly


Marina Y. Kelly & Christine Olson


Karen Reppen

Quiet Markers

Cynthia Reynolds

Carried On The Wind

Katherin Steichen Rosing

From WIthin, Outward

Bobbette Rose

Dreams Within Dreams

Earthtones 2013
August 16-October 18, 2013

Betsy Delzer

The Circle of Our Living

Lester Doré

Spirit Faces

Russell Gardner, Jr.

Justice, Peace and Sustainable Earth

Beverly Gordon

Sanctuary Nest

Jesse Heideman & John Steines

Half Way There, Half Way Gone

Efrat Livny

The Great Cycle

Karen Reppen

Braided Creek

Bobbette Rose

Mystery of the Hives