2013 Artist Single Page

Half Way There, Half Way Gone

Jesse Heideman & John Steines

Jesse Heideman is an emerging artist with an interest in installation work. Jesse is currently pursuing a degree in Community and Environmental Sociology and is a frequent volunteer at the Farley Center. He has actively studied art his entire life and finds the experience of being within a work of art thought provoking, especially when a work can transport him into a different place. This is his first exhibition work, collaborating with John Steines on Half Way, There, Half Way Gone.

John Steines is an expressionist artist working in peeled willow and willow bark and oil on canvas. He has worked in willow for 15 years, primarily exhibiting ephemeral sculpture at Starkweaether Solstice Celebration and in private gardens. In 2012, he published Languages, Acquired and Intuitive, a retrospective collection of works in charcoal, pastel and oil. John is the lead artist for the Witness Tree Group Exhibitions, first premiered in March 2013. These shows will move from community to community inviting in local artists and featuring new works with each installation. Witness Tree features a large tree that functions as a community gathering space in installations. His works continue to reflect his digging into personal and shared experience in seeking a communal conversation.