2015 Single Page

Dreams Within Dreams

Bobbette Rose

Dreaming almost becomes a subversive act in these days of fear and apocalyptic future prophesies. Many Native American tribes have legends about the dreamcatcher. Some stories tell of how it filters out the bad dreams while others tell of how it captures our good dreams, ideas and visions, letting the bad ones escape and evaporate.Either way, they warn us that there are moments when dreams are at risk of escaping our grasp. We need to be on guard, even in our slumber; even in our distractions; even as we get tangled in our "today" moments. The wisdom of the past encourages us to hold onto our dreams for the future and weave our own "dreamcatchers," waking each day to a future that is fueled by our hopes rather than crushed by our fears.

This piece was made from dropped branches, coated with beeswax colored with spices and birdseed, tied and wrapped with cotton threads.

Bobbette Rose is an artist, teaching artist and designer who is greatly inspired by the rhythms and mysteries revealed through nature and the environment.

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