2013 Artist Single Page

Justice, Peace and Sustainable Earth

Russell Gardner, Jr.

This piece symbolizes Justice, Peace and Sustainability in the form of a “Green World.” The art piece depicts the Farley Center’s principles: the viewer encounters Justice first because without justice there is no peace, Peace comes next because without it, the green sustainable “World” remains in peril. Holding the scales of Justice, an abstracted figure possesses a blindfold. The justice figure, the green world and peace each need renewed application of green leaves as part of their compositions because this symbolizes the need for continuous action on our parts.

Russell Gardner is a full-time visual artist and writer. From 2003 to 2010 he co-originated with Madison poet Robin Chapman the Epidemic Peace Imagery (EPI) project, an exhibit of 650 artists and poets around the idea of war and peace that ran continuously for seven years in venues ranging from galleries to hallways to libraries.