2015 Single Page


Marina Y. Kelly & Christine Olson

A looping video installation featuring the artists and a series of sensory improvisations. Filmed at the Farley Center on the night of the August 2015 full moon. (video shown shown at the Artist Reception, Sept. 12, 2015)

Christine Olson is a time-based artist residing in Madison, WI since 1997. Previous unconventional spaces that she has shown her video installations in have been an old winery, a vacant warehouse, a frozen lake, the woods, a chic vintage clothing shop, a room in a convent, an unused office building, and a parking space. Recently Christine has performed at the Arts + Literature Laboratory. She also has on display an interactive digital art piece at the Madison Central Public Library. Her interests are Butoh, Dada, Deco, and the surreal. She also enjoys curating one-night only performance art events.

Marina Kelly is an interdisciplinary artist who designs situations that bring people together; creating intimate occasions, site responsive performances, live art tableaux, looping videos and sculptural installations.

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