2013 Artist Single Page

The Circle of Our Living

Betsy Delzer

This piece was inspired originally by the arch from which it hangs, beckoning and welcoming something dancing in its breezeway. I honor the Native American traditions and their holy reverence for the seen and unseen connection to our Creator, the Great Spirit, the Earth, and all that transpires between. The tradition of the dream catcher is woven in the reeds of this piece; the night air and the bad dreams get caught in the web of the dream catcher, they say, and allow the good dreams to pass through the center; and the frame of the dream catcher are circles bound tightly in the shape of an infinity symbol. When the vision for a symbol of dreams and words passing came, this archway seemed to wave me over. I then discovered this is the space for infants and children to be buried and the piece began to represent a mobile, hung with loving care to watch over and be exactly where it should be: catching dreams and words and letting all that is good through and the rest – catching and disappearing in the sun’s light of day.

Betsy Delzer is a mixed-media painter and public school art educator. She dreams in color and lets everyone into her circle of living.