UW Badger Volunteers

BadgerVolunteers-field2The Farley Center loves our UW Badger Volunteers!  Our UW Badger Volunteers come to the Farley Center each summer and fall on a weekly basis to help out at the Farley Center. They come out on the same day, same hours each week. We depend on them to weed, mulch, prune, harvest vegetables, build and repair fences, clean out the garage, help out with events,even dig a grave and many other tasks. They are some of our most dependable, cheerful volunteers and they have really opened our eyes to the UW community as a resource to the Farley Center.  Many of the same students have signed up again and again so we we see some familiar faces each semester.   We feel very fortunate to have worked with so many wonderful students and enjoy working with the UW Badger Program Directors who communicate with us on a regular basis. We enjoy having the students come to the Center and although they will graduate, we  hope they will visit us in future years. The UW Badgers partnership is very important to the Farley Center! https://morgridge.wisc.edu/news-farleycenter

Learn more about Badger Volunteers through Haley Spranger’s Story. Haley has volunteered at the Farley Center through the UW program several semesters.

Badger Volunteer Groups

Summer 2017 Badger Volunteers
Summer 2017: Martha Morganstein, Marilyn Nazareth, Team Leader Justine Mischka, Amy Ashchenbrener, Yian Liao

Fall 2016 Badger Volunteers
Fall 2016: Shedd, Haley, Margaret,
Justine and Corinn
Summer 2016 Badger Volunteers
Summer 2016: Spencer, Lydia and Annie
Fall 2015 Badger Volunteers
Fall 2015: Annie, Selina, Haley, Austin and Matt

Summer 2015 Badger Volunteers
Summer 2015: Chelsey, Selina, Jimmy, Haley and Matt