AreialView2The Linda and Gene Farley Center for Peace, Justice and Sustainability is dedicated to socially progressive change, community partnership, sustainability and ecological justice.

Our mission is lived out by:

  • Promoting peace, justice and sustainability with education and activities for the community
  • Facilitating the work of peace, justice and environmental social action groups through community partnerships
  • Reaching beginning farmers with technical assistance and helping them build capacity through organic farm incubation, and education
  • Promoting organic gardening and farming through education and land use
  • Demonstrating ecologically sound environmental preservation through organic farming and education about natural burial practices
  • Protecting the land so that it can serve as a natural learning environment for all, including those in educational programs that can benefit from this resource
  • Nurturing community growth, connection and revitalization by hosting meetings,workshops, and small gatherings that focus on peace, justice and sustainability

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Marilyn Chohaney

March 18, 2016