Farley Farmers

David Bachhuber

David’s farming adventure began 15 years ago with a cherry tomato plant in a 5-gallon bucket on a fire escape. This was the first time he decided to grow his own food and tasting those fresh tomatoes ignited a great and enduring love of gardening and cooking. He began a small garden in a friend’s backyard (under a black walnut tree – lesson learned!) followed by a series of community garden plots, and eventually a home garden that grew until it took over every square inch of yard space (including the narrow strip between the sidewalk and street where he managed to grow 15 varieties of vegetables, herbs and flowers!) It was then he knew that it was time to start a full-fledged farm.

In 2015, David, along with his loving support staff, Abby (wife), and Soleia (daughter), began a market farm selling through a friends and family CSA and the Hilldale Farmer’s Market. They are beginning to farm at the Farley Center in 2016 and look forward to working with such a vibrant and friendly community of farmers. Sign up for a Lovefood CSA share here.