Farley Farmers

Jarucha Sirikaew

Jarucha moved to Madison from her native country of Thailand two years ago. Seeking meaningful work, she attended a meeting at Madison College about non-traditional jobs for women. A conversation with the presenter led her to visiting and applying for the Farley Farm Incubator Program.

Thailand she had various work experiences including; jewelry design, insurance sales, nursing care, restaurant owner and teacher of Thai classical dance. She experienced urban life while raising two children in the military officer’s complex of the Royal Thai Air Force in Bangkok. She later returned to her roots in the rural area of Northeast Thailand that borders Cambodia and Laos. As a nine year old she recalls long days helping her family grow exotic fruits, vegetables and herbs that she sold at a local morning market before going to school.

Jarucha gained farming skills from her family and then through her own passion for self -learning. She always supported natural farming methods and was influential in stopping neighboring farmers from using dangerous herbicides. Over the past ten years, Jarucha acquired farms in Thailand that produce rubber and high quality Jasmine rice. She’s also co-owner of a small coffee farm on the Bolaven Plateau in southern Laos. Her farms in part, provide work and financial support to family and neighbors. Her adult son and son-in-law currently manage her farms, with occasional Skype calls to mom.

Without too much complaining about Wisconsin weather Jarucha enjoys outdoor activities with her husband Gary and youngest daughter, Emmy. When not farming, she enjoys biking, hiking, ice skating and even UW hockey. Although she gave up sky diving several years ago, she still has the same determination when facing new challenges and opportunities. She is very excited about growing healthy food and appreciates the experiences gained through the Farley Farm programs.

Learn how to contact Jarucha and Gary about a share with The Siamese Farmer CSA here.