Farley Farmers

Ian Aley

Ian Aley loves the way food brings people together and builds a connection with the natural world. Ian grew up in Madison, then lived in Toronto, Canada for 8 years. He moved back to Madison in 2012 and began growing at the Farley Center. While in Toronto, Ian worked as a facilitator and educator, supporting urban farming projects in new immigrant communities. He has worked with farmers’ cooperatives in Nicaragua and has studied sustainable agriculture in Cuba.

Ian is interested in perennial systems--particularly fruit and nut trees. He is actively learning about edible and medicinal perennial plants and incorporating these systems into his farming practice. He also loves vegetables. Some of his favorites to grow are kale, rainbow chard, cilantro, bok choy, and salad turnips. Ian joined the Spring Rose Growers Coop in 2012 and is very glad to be growing and sharing life with such a dedicated and fun group of farmers and staff.